Sally Morgan brings the spirit world to Warrington

Tuesday 19 April 2016, 7.30pm, £24.50
Parr Hall, Buy tickets onlinesally2016

The nation’s favourite psychic, Sally Morgan is returning to Warrington’s Parr Hall on Tuesday 19 April, and she’s better than ever with a brand new which is her most jaw-dropping yet.

Often referred to as ‘psychic to the stars’, her clients have included Katie Price, George Michael, and the late Princess Diana. Funny, entertaining, sometimes heart breaking, and often controversial, this will be a night to remember as Sally delves into the spiritual world.

This is Morgan’s seventh year of touring around the country, delivering accurate messages from beyond the grave to bring hope and comfort to her audiences. Taking them on a journey into the spirit world, she always leaves her audience with a sense of wonder and understanding of what may lie beyond.

Famous for her down to earth nature and infectious personality, her audiences are guaranteed to have a fantastic and enlightening night out. As they say… seeing is believing.

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