A Night of Dirty Dancing comes to Warrington

Saturday 23 April 2016, 8pm, £22/£20/10th ticket free
Parr Hall, Buy tickets online
DD Web

Celebrating the greatest soundtrack of all time, Parr Hall is set to host the ultimate tribute show to the classic film Dirty Dancing. On Saturday 23 April, audiences will have the night of their lives as Warrington is transported to the 80s.

Featuring all of the favourite songs, Parr Hall will relive the iconic summer romance between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Dance along to this unforgettable theatrical treat, and revisit the famous Catskills mountains where they fell in love.

The original film followed Baby, who finds herself stuck at the resort one summer with her parents. She is soon enlisted by the charismatic dance instructor Johnny as his new partner, except her father doesn’t approve. Baby is determined to help him perform the last big dance of the summer, leading to the one of the most memorable movie sequences in history.

Don’t miss out on this incredible night out, filled with dancing, singing and great costumes. As the warm weather of the summer beckons, a night of Dirty Dancing will be exactly what Warrington will need to have the time of their life.

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