Wilko Johnson brings new zest for life to Warrington

Thursday 6 October 2016, 7.30pm (doors 7pm)
Tickets £25, Tickets on sale Friday 15 April

Wilko_lr_nomicWilko Johnson is feeling more alive than ever, despite a terminal cancer diagnosis, and he’s bringing his new zest for life to Warrington.

In a recent interview he said: “I’m supposed to be dead.”

But despite the doctor’s worst predictions he continues to perform with vigour claiming “there’s nothing like being told you’re dying to make you feel alive”.

He could have been a retired teacher by now but was lured into music by his first Telecaster soon after becoming the strutting, grimacing, six-string rhythmic powerhouse behind Lee Brilleaux in Dr Feelgood.

Wilko and his bandmates were in the vanguard of the pub rock movement, performing gutsy down-to-earth rock and roll many viewed as a welcome antidote to the faltering prog-rock era.

Wilko’s unique playing style, his black-suited, scowling look, and the yards he covered across the stage in Feelgood, the Solid Senders and Ian Dury’s The Blockheads will be resurrected at Parr Hall on 6 October with special quest Aaron Keylock.

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