A fascinating collection of 1966 World Cup memorabilia is going on display at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

1966 World Cup memorabilia in Warrington to mark 50th anniversary

Old Trafford posterKeen collector Neil Perkins has kindly given the venue permission to showcase dozens of items he has gathered over the years to mark the 50th anniversary of the historic match in the display, They Think it’s All Over, which goes on show in May.

The Warrington 53-year-old, who watched England beat Germany with his dad when he was four, has a varied hoard including autographs, rare tickets to World Cup Willie souvenirs, original posters and a Wembley tournament flag.

Neil began collecting these rare and unusual items in about 2001 when he discovered eBay, having previously picked up a few items in collectors’ fairs and vintage shops.

Visitors to Warrington Museum & Art Gallery will also be able to view an evocative photo album containing images of the 1966 Brazilian team’s stay at Lymm Hotel, largely taken by Roger Allen the very proud hotel manager at the time.

Earlier this year Lymm Heritage Centre group hosted a four-day display, which attracted national media interest, about the South American players’ visit and have kindly shared their resources and information for the display.

Ice bucketNeil, a Leeds United fan, admitted he could not quite remember the match itself but watched it with his dad while on holiday in Torquay – the TV in the hotel lounge broke just as Germany equalised.

He said: “Although we had some luck, a home advantage and a couple of decisions in our favour, the team was a very well-organised and strong unit with several world class players and a determined manager.

“I’m really happy to see my collection on display at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.”

Michelle Hill, collections and archives manager at Culture Warrington, said: “This is a really fascinating collection which we’re delighted to be showcasing at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.

“2016 is a big year in the world of football, with the 50th anniversary of that wonderful 1966 World Cup victory and the Euro 2016 tournament coming up, and it’s great we can celebrate a connection to that here in Warrington.”

Listings information:
Exhibition title: They Think it’s all Over
Dates: 14 May – 1 October 2016
Admission: Free
Warrington Museum & Art Gallery, Museum Street, Warrington, WA1 1JB

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