TV star and explorer Levison Wood shares adventures in Warrington show

Thursday 16 March 2017, 7.30pm,
Parr Hall, Tickets £22.50/£17.50
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Best-selling author, photographer and TV presenter Levison Wood will be sharing stories about his terrifying and challenging adventures when his tour calls in to Parr Hall.

An Evening with Levison Wood will give a rare insight into his exploits as a modern day explorer which will no doubt fascinate the Warrington audience.

His shows have been receiving rave reviews across the UK and internationally, the documentary series Walking The Americas has been airing on Channel 4 over the last month and his book of the same name is being published by Hodder & Stoughton this month.

With his keen desire to immerse himself fully in local cultures and customs, Levison Wood has delighted audiences around the globe with stories of his epic adventures, ranging from being chased by crocodiles and hippos in Africa, shot at by gunmen, falling off a mountain, being arrested more times than he can remember and meeting such illustrious characters as the Dalai Lama and George Clooney along the way.

In this adventure-filled one-man show, Levison recounts his amusing and sometimes poignant tales of life as a soldier in the Parachute Regiment and his subsequent transition into an explorer of international standing.

The tour will include further tales and behind the scenes moments from his journeys walking the length of the Nile and climbing the Himalayas, both of which were documented by Channel 4, alongside his most recent travels walking 1,700 miles along the length of Central America, taking in eight countries from Mexico to Colombia and his bid to cross the treacherous Darien Gap.

With his honest accounts of life on the road, Levison hopes to challenge preconceptions and inspire a new generation of adventurers with tales of hope and hospitality, firmly believing the more people go out and see the world, the better a place it will be.

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