Radio and TV presenter, musician and writer Mark Radcliffe tells tales of colourful life

Lancashire lad Mark Radcliffe will be sharing his tales of life as a radio DJ and TV presenter, musician and writer on his upcoming visit to Pyramid next month.

Mark has many strings to his bow and as a result has met a variety of fascinating and famous faces along the way.

Plus he’s an “all round cheese fetishist” who’s been making a little go a long way for several decades.

This show is no exception: expect stories and songs of middle-aged angst and ennui along with tales of ineptitude and encounters with some of music’s most famous names who Mark has on speed dial, even if his calls are blocked at the other end.

Radcliffe was one half of BBC Radio 1 duo Mark and Lard who worked on the station for 14 years, including a brief spell on the flagship Breakfast Show and a subsequent afternoon slot which garnered three prestigious Sony Radio Academy Awards.

He later joined BBC Radio 2 and has presented various TV shows for the BBC including its coverage of Glastonbury Festival.

He currently presents The Folk Show on BBC Radio 2 and co-hosts a weekday afternoon show on BBC Radio 6 Music with Stuart Maconie.

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