Culture Warrington Membership Scheme

Culture Warrington is a charity, which promotes heritage, the arts and entertainment in Warrington. As a team we aim to make the town a thriving centre of cultural activity.

The organisation is made up of the much-loved Warrington Museum & Art Gallery with its historic galleries, wonderful collections and renowned exhibitions programme; Pyramid and Parr Hall, two of the area’s leading venues for music, comedy, dance, theatre, art and much more; and outdoor events including Warrington Festival and Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.

We also have exciting plans in the pipeline at the museum including a new Heritage Hub, which will provide a venue to explore the town’s rich history, and an exciting new gallery bringing the best of the contemporary arts to Warrington.

Please be aware that we are reviewing out membership scheme, unfortunately we are currently unable to issue any new memberships. If you would like to receive information about becoming a member in the future please contact Andrea Morley on 01925 443536 or email:

Why do we need your support?

In 2012, the venues left the management of Warrington Borough Council and a charitable trust was formed. As a result there is now increased emphasis on us to raise our own funds and look for financial support in a variety of ways.

We want to continue on celebrating culture in Warrington and develop our plans for the future. We can do this better with your support. You can help us sustain and expand our cultural offer and as a result enrich the lives of our visitors and the wider community.

How else can I get involved?

If you would like to become more involved with Culture Warrington there are plenty of opportunities to do so.
You could become a volunteer across any of our venues and get involved in a wide range of exciting projects. Visit our volunteer section of the website for more information.

So why not become a member now and help us celebrate Warrington’s culture!