Dave Spikey – Juggling On A Motorbike

Date(s)/Time: Friday 31 Mar 2017, 7:30pm

Ticket Price: £17.50 (£19.25 inc online booking fee)

Location: Parr Hall


Dave Spikey - Juggling On A Motorbike

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Dave Spikey – Juggling On A Motorbike

Dave had been working in the NHS for 19 years as a Biomedical Scientist when in 1987 someone uttered the immortal words,  “You’re really funny, you should be a comedian” and for some reason, he took them seriously!

Only a few months later he won the national talent show “Stairway to the Stars” clinching the award with a routine about a juggler on a motorbike. 13 years later on Friday 13th October 2000 he switched off his microscope for good and the following Monday found himself sitting on rain swept car park dressed as a giant berry wondering if he should have taken more notice of the omens to avoid what may have turned out to be a bit of a mistake.

As it turns out it wasn’t and now in 2017 he celebrates the 30th anniversary of his comedy career. In this show he will look back on his remarkable life and his incredible journey from working class kid to Chief Biomedical Scientist to much loved comedy performer and writer via Phoenix Nights, Eight out of Ten Cats, Bullseye , Dead Man Weds ,Magnolia, The Royal Variety Show, Parkinson and many more. He reflects that maybe none of this would have happened and that he would still be looking down his microscope today if it wasn’t for the juggler on the motorbike.

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